Photography In The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens 

Just a few photos I took today in the Botanical Garden. The gardens looked great, nice weather too. 


4 thoughts on “Photography In The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens 

  1. These photos are beautiful! Every new city my fiancé and I visit we always tour the botanical gardens. It’s so cool seeing the local foliage and how it compares to our local botanical garden. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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    1. Interesting. While I am usually drawn to visiting botanical gardens I hadn’t thought about visiting them in a comparative way to what I have at home.

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  2. These images are so crisp and clean that it rivals actually being there. Even the angles from which they were taken are well calculated. The views of paths cause the observer to want more and go further, and the inability to do so leaves a mysterious yearning – leaving the viewer with more than pictures, they invoke a feeling/emotion. In my opinion, that is what photography is about, transforming a picture into an experience.

    You have also done a beautiful job of capturing nature alongside of man’s additions/improvements – railing, paths and wall. Those things allow the enjoyment of the foliage and scene without distracting from it.

    My legs don’t work, so I’ve developed an appreciation for being taken places through photography. Thanks for the outing. I enjoyed walking with you through the gardens.

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