Senegalia laeta

One of the first trays of seed I sowed for the tropical glasshouse was Senegalia laeta. S. laeta was previously a member of the genus Acacia, the splitting of the genus is highly controversial. Work begun in the early 2000’s to make the Australian Acacias the genus type specimen and move species from other continents into new genus. Since S. laeta is an African native it moved into the genus Senegalia. This is a relatively recent change so many people will still use the name Acacia though redundant.
The seeds I sowed are collected from the only population of S. laeta in Jordan. The population is located at the Southern end of the Dead Sea in the hot desert. These trees will be perfect for the arid desert section of the new glasshouse. The remainder of the plants will be used for conservation and spread throughout neighbouring Botanical Gardens.

Photos below are taken by Ori Fragman-Sapir

A link to the controversial name change


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