Dalbergia odorifera 

Some of the seeds sown for the glasshouse are wild collected in Asia. Seeing these germinate is really rather special, wild collected plants are so important for conservation and add lots of value to the gardens collection. The seeds have been stored for 18 months since we received them so I wasn’t overly expectant.
Around 20 of the species sown are wild collected in Asia of these seven have germinated so far. It’s been 6 weeks since sowing so plenty of time for further activity. Dalbergia odorifera was the first to rear its head, two of around 30 seeds germinated. The IUCN designate this plant species as vulnerable, this makes our wild collected specimens even more valuable for future conservation.
D. odorifera is a fragrant rosewood tree native to China. Plants grow to around 15m. The form is nice, typically a single stem branches into three-four leaders at 3m give an open crown. The pinnate foliage is a bright, lush green. D. odorifera is harvested for its timber which makes beautiful dark wooden furniture.


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