Piper unguicalatum, Cuttings 

About two months ago I did a demonstration on cuttings with the Australian scholars. During the session we took a number of Hoya sp. and Piper unguicalatum cuttings. The Hoya sp. cuttings are looking good, showing signs of growth. I will be potting some of them on soon. 

The Piper unguicalatum have looked pretty poor from the start. The growth form seemed a bit questionable for cuttings. The foliage yellowed within three days of being taken. Ever since, they have remained in the state. No signs of top growth or rooting through. Today I decided to take them out and bin them. To my surprise they have actually rooted. I potted them in a fresh mix with some osmocote, this will hopefully promote growth.


Material: Rooted cuttings 

Action: Repotting 

Treatment: None

Medium: 8:5:2:2 Coir:Perlite:Tufa:Vermiculite 

Irrigation: Handwater, once daily


One thought on “Piper unguicalatum, Cuttings 

  1. Sometimes we get surprises. I thought some geranium cuttings were ready to be potted up as they were flourishing and flowering but when I tumped them out, there were no roots to speak of. Potted them anyway and hoping they will survive.

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