Mulching and Irrigation 

In a previous post I was repotting cycads to clear space outside the glasshouse. The larger tropical plants are moving outside the glasshouse to be hardened off ready for planting. They will be acclimatised to a lower night temperature and less shade than they have inside. This will be more like the conditions in the new tropical house.
The plants outside will receive drip irrigation and overhead misting. If the soil outside gets wet many dormant seeds will germinate. We would usually use a membrane layer but we don’t have any left. As the plants will only be there for a few months a thick layer of mulch will be sufficient.

The mulch was lifted over the fence this morning. It ended up being a dusty job. I am disappointed with the amount of rubbish in the mulch. Waste should be separated from organic material prior to shredding. I picked a lot out but I expect more to surface in coming days.

After spreading the mulch I installed the main irrigation line to feed the drip lines. Tomorrow I hope to fit the overhead misters and begin moving plants outside. Space has got tight inside because so much material has been propagated. More space means more exciting projects!

Robinia sp. providing some cool contrast, in the street on they way home.


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