Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa and waterfalls

The new tropical glasshouse is cooled by a waterfall system. Fans blow air through misters behind a sheet, creating a large waterfall. The sheet is pretty ugly so needs to be hidden with hanging plants. Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa is one of the main plants to be used.
P. ramulosa is a trailing epiphytic cactus. It’s stems can grow to a meter in length. The plants must be lightweight so as to hang on the waterfall. Last week my volenteers repotted them into 3l pots with just perlite, vermiculite (1:1) and osmocote. 
As I’m progressing moving plants out of the storage glasshouse, I’ve opened up more space. Today I moved some benches around and built a wire rack to support the P. ramulosa. I didn’t feel like banging my head on them anymore in their old hanging positions!


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