Beaumontia grandiflora, Semi-ripe Mallet Cuttings 

The end of summer into autumn is a good time to take cuttings from shrubs and vines. After a full seasons growth shoot material should be soft at the tip and woody at the base. This material is described as semi-ripe. A semi-ripe Cutting can be taken in a number of ways. They are described as; conventional, basel and mallet. Today I took mallet cuttings from Beaumontia grandiflora.
When taking a mallet cutting you do not sever the shoot from the stem. Instead you cut the stem at either side of the shooting node, creating a mallet shape. The picture below shows this.

The stem is then cut in half. I also like to trim the mallet down, this makes it easier to insert into the medium. The pictures below show the trimming and potting.

The distinct advantage of mallet cuttings is the much larger surface area around the rooting node. The downside is the need to sever full stems and not just shoots. The cuttings I took from B. grandiflora today were at a strange time of year, midsummer. This is because I’m pruning plants, ready for the new tropical glasshouse. I had a lot of material from B. grandiflora so made cuttings. Hopefully they strike well.


Material: Semi-ripe

Action: Cuttings 

Treatment: Rooting hormone 

Medium: 1:1:1 Coir:Perlite:Vermiculite 

Irrigation: Handwater, once daily


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