Hoya sp. Cuttings 

In early May me and the Australian scholars took cuttings from a number of Hoya species. These have now rooted through and can be repotted. Cuttings from Hoyas root relatively easily it just takes a while.
The cutting is pretty standard. Just two nodes and a top pair of leaves. The base is dipped in rooting hormone then potted in a deep tube. Hoyas initiate root formation all along the stem, not just at the nodes. By using deep tubes a large roof mass can form along the stem. The images below show the cuttings before and after rooting. The young stems root better than old ones.

The photos above show all one species, Hoya kerrii.

Material: Semi-ripe to woody 
Action:  Cuttings 
Treatment: Rooting hormone
Medium: 2:2:1 Coir:Vermiculite:Perlite  
Irrigation: Misting ever 30 mins

Rooting had initiated by week five. In week six I added osmocote to promote growth. I kept the cuttings under mist. They don’t require this but I didn’t want the tubes to dry out. If the base of the tube drys out it can be difficult to rehydrate, especially with the coir medium.
The medium is 2:2:1 Coir:Vermiculite:Perlite, a lot of vermiculite was used because Hoyas like a big of moisture. The vermiculite holds water, keeping the medium moist. With most cuttings I use a medium with more drainage.
Today I repotted Hoya kerrii and Hoya australis into three litre pots. I just used the standard nursery mix. Over the next week I will be repotting more Hoya species.

Material: Rooted cuttings 
Action: Transplanting 
Treatment: None
Medium: 8:5:2:2 Coir:Perlite:Tufa:Vermiculite + osmocote 
Irrigation: Handwater, once daily


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