Bauhinia yunnanensis, Repotting

Among the tropical species I sowed was Bauhinia yunnanensis. This species is a climbing liana from Yunnan, China. This species is actually hardy down to -3 degrees Celsius but would not survive outside in Jerusalem because of the low humidity.  This species requires 21-25 degrees to germinate. Germination rate was 70% with a 24 hour soak as pretreatment.
Germination happened three days after sowing. 10 days after sowing I pricked the seedlings out into plugs. Three weeks later, I’m now moving them into 11cm pots. Some of the root systems aren’t huge but the top growth is too much in the plugs. Most had decent root systems. Photos below.

Factsheet (B. yunnanensis)
Material: Plants (as plugs)
Action: Transplanting 
Treatment: None
Medium: 8:5:2:2 Coir:Perlite:Tufa:Vermiculite + osmocote 
Irrigation: Handwater, once daily

I also managed to get another Hoya species potted this morning. The bench is full now but I have another behind it. 


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