Coffea liberica, Cuttings 

The tropical glasshouse planting is designed to create a natural display. The aim is to produce a planting similar in style to the planting at the Eden Project (on a smaller scale of course). To achieve this plants must come in a variety of sizes. The plants then look more like they are spreading naturally by seeding around.
With some species of small trees and shrubs we already have several sizes. Cuttings will be taken from these species to bulk up groups and provide another generation of “seedlings”. This process begun today with Coffea liberica.
The method is standard for semi ripe material. Cuttings of 3+ nodes, clean cuts next to nodes, leaves trimmed, dipped in rooting hormone, inserted into pots. These cuttings should strike easily, this is not a difficult species. Photos below.

C. liberica is native to Western and Central Africa. The coffee is more bitter than that of C. arabica so, though cultivated, only accounts for 1% of world production. C. liberica can also grow taller, plants reach up to 20m compared to max heights of 12m in C. arabica.
The cuttings will now go into a shady, cooled propagation chamber, with good air circulation. Once rooted they will be potted into 5cm cups and placed in a well lit space. Though C. liberica will scorch in direct midday sun, plenty of light is required for fast growth.

Material: Semi-ripe

Action: Cuttings 

Treatment: Rooting hormone

Medium: 1:1:1 Coir:Vermiculite:Perlite

Irrigation: Manual, mist three times daily


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