Tropical Collection Inventory 

Before planting a full inventory of the the gardens tropical collection is required. This is not work I’m used to doing. Kady the gardens curation scholar helped me out. The part of the process I find hardest is setting up the excel sheet. 

Excel is a brilliant program. It can do so much especially for an inventory like this. I have an iPad which means we can fill the spreadsheet whilst in the glasshouse. Kady produced the spreadsheet on Friday and we begun filling it out yesterday. 

The spreadsheet uses data from Irisbg (the gardens database) and other information Kady found in records. As we go through we mark plants that are listed as existing and exist, as well those that are not yet recorded. Hopefully we will have everything recorded by tomorrow afternoon. A sample of the spreadsheet below.

We have a fair few blanks from plants which have died over the years, still a pretty good collection. The non existent plants must be marked as dead in the database. Some plants lack accessions so will have to be resolved. Others need indentification, thankfully we don’t have many left like this.

This represents a huge step in the project for me. My aim was to provide a collection of strong healthy plants that was accurately recorded before planting. Almost every plant has now be repotted and attended to, recording them marks the concluding stages of the project.


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