Hoya Leaf cuttings 

The final Hoya species left to propagate is H. aff. Mcgregorii. The plant has large, attractive leaves. From reading limited accounts online the plant should also have fragrant flowers. The Garden has one small specimen. 
Hoyas root easily from a single node so leaf cuttings with a small section of stem were taken. The cutting is inserted into an 11cm pot at an angle. The medium level should be just above the leaf base. To find out if the flowers are as described, one stem was left on the plant, this should flower soon. The photos below show H. aff. Mcgregorii and the cuttings. 


5 thoughts on “Hoya Leaf cuttings 

  1. Hi! I’m really amaze how you make your cuttings root. I did some cuttings last June. I dipped it into rooting gel and then put in soil. I placed it in a windowsill. Then I had a water spray bottle with me so whenever I see the soil drying up I wet it up. Despite all those, nothing of thr cuttings I did root. What do you think I have done wrong? Thanks!!

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    1. With this information I’m afraid it’s hard to tell. Do you know what species you were taking cuttings from, certain species can’t be propagated via cuttings at all. Your method sounds ok, what growing medium are you using? If the growing medium isn’t sterile this can also cause problems.

      Hope this helps 👌

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      1. It might have been the time I took the cuttings? It was lunchtime but it was overcast. I tried sage and basil. I also tried carnation from the fresh bouquet given to me. It was only a trial. What I really want to propagate is my lemon tree and lime tree. Would you suggest for me to take the cuttings this spring instead since it’s still winter over here?


      2. I would continue to practice with herbaceous material until the technique works. Trees and shrubs can be more difficult to root.

        Did you have the cuttings in full sun? During rooting cuttings should be kept in a well lit space outside of direct sunlight.

        It’s probably worth buying a propagation book if you don’t already have one 👌


      3. I probably should.. It’s ny first time to do some cuttings because I have more success in seeds propagating but I really love my lemon tree so I want to clone it.. anyways thanks for the reply.. cheers!


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