Pruning In Tropical Australia

Today I had a bit of a change at work. I went out into the garden to do some pruning. As my career has progressed my work has changed a lot. I used to do mostly arboricultural work but now I’m always in the nursery. I really enjoy my job but It’s worth keeping a hand in at other skills.
I worked with Dennis (gardener) in the Tropical Australia section of the garden. This section contains a number of Eucalyptus species. They are beautiful trees but suffer in the winter. We spent most of the morning pruning out deadwood. We used extendable manual tools, they aren’t as precise as a chainsaw but we took our time and left a neat job. I think this section will be really special in a year or so, Dennis has been putting a huge amount of work into it. Some photos of the pruning below.

At the garden we have two types of lopper available to us. They are known as Anvil or Bypass. I want to talk briefly about the differences between them. If using loppers, I always use bypass. This is because the cut is much cleaner. As the names imply a bypass blade passes the cutting plate whilst the anvil presses against it. The the anvil loppers therefore crush the branches, leaving unclean cuts. 
Below are pictures of the two lopper types, bypass first anvil second. Neither are very sharp which is disappointing.


2 thoughts on “Pruning In Tropical Australia

  1. Thank you for following my blog – do you read French, then? I enjoyed reading this article, all the more as I wrote a text where one of these tools was talking. 🙂 Good luck for your internship !

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