Molineria capitulata, Division

As I’m moving the last plants out of the glasshouse I’m bringing out some I haven’t dealt with yet. One I brought out today was Molineria capitulata. This species is an evergreen tropical perennial with impressive, metre long, Palm like leaves. Native to Asia, Indonesia and Australia I’m thinking it would grow outside in Jerusalem.
With the work to improve the Tropical Australian section of the garden, M. capitulata could be perfect. It may defoliate in a cold winter but should provide impressive foliage for most of the growing season. It would combine well with a different texture, maybe something like Alocasia brisbanensis. I took some divisions today and may take more as the plants bulk up.
Divisions are easy to take. M. capitulata produces a large number of rhizomatous shoots. These can easily be removed with a shoot tip and root. Today I did exactly that, the mother plant should produce more shoots in a few weeks. Photos below.

Material: Plants
Action: Division 
Treatment: None
Medium: 8:5:2:2 Coir:Perlite:Tufa:Vermiculite + osmocote 
Irrigation: Handwater, once daily