Typhonodorum lindleyanum, Seed

Today seeds of Typhonodorum lindleyanum arrived in the mail. T. lindleyanum is a striking tropical aroid. Found in ponds and marshes in Africa and the adjacent tropical regions. This species is monotypic.
T. lindleyanum spreads with creeping rhizomes and can be invasive in some tropical regions. Plants resemble Musa sp. in form, but have Alocasia sp. like leaves. Growing up to four metres, they will make brilliant specimen plants in the tropical glasshouse stream.
The seed of T. lindleyanum is recalcitrant. This means the seed cannot survive drying. Seeds must therefore be shipped fresh in moist paper. The seeds arrived to the garden with decent shoot and root elongation. They were potted up in one litre containers, thirteen in total. Photos below.

Above, a mature specimen in another garden.