Welcome to my blog. Here you can follow me as I begin an 8 month internship at Jerusalem Botanic Gardens at the end of October. My internship is kindly supported by Friends Of JBG.

Jerusalem Botanical Garden

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Divisions Growing

Over the past few weeks I’ve divided a number of species. Various Alpinia sp. Curcuma longa, Hedychium coronarium, Colocasia esculenta, Zingiber officinale and more. Some of this work I have shared here. Lots of the larger divisions in the 11cm pots are beginning to shoot. The photos below show them in the glasshouse. Moving plants … Continue reading Divisions Growing

Terrace Agriculture – Water Conservation

The garden of the Bethlehem Natural History museum is divided into sections. Each section is related to the gardens research. One of the sections contains a terrace agriculture setup.  Terraced fields can be found throughout the Palestinian Territories. By cutting the hillside into flat terraces, more land can be opened up for cultivation. Many terraces … Continue reading Terrace Agriculture – Water Conservation

Upcycling РPlastic Bottle Greenhouse 

Today Kady (Curation Scholar) had arranged for us to go on a tour of Bethlehem Natural History Museum. The Museum doesn’t have much money but are accomplishing great things. Few institutions are assessing the ecology of the Palestinian Territories, the museum is one of them. Helping institutions like the museum is so important for world … Continue reading Upcycling – Plastic Bottle Greenhouse¬†

Echium candicans 

Echium candicans is a two metre high subshrub, native to Medeira. E. candicans looked fantastic in April/May with its large conical inflorescence. Right now it’s still performing with its beautiful foliage. Below are some photos from spring of bees on the flowers and a picture of the foliage today.

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